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Defining Goals and a Plan
You may have goals and ideas about your desired future but haven’t been able to create or move forward with them. You may feel frustrated or stuck. Through individual coaching you will be able to clearly define your goals and together we will create a plan to work to aid you in achieving the goals.

Strengthen Your Relationships
Strong healthy relationships take time, energy; good boundaries and maintenance, together we can create a plan that will help you enjoy successful fulfilling relationships.

Balance Work and Family Life
Life is busy. Between work and family commitments, do you ever feel that you have lost yourself in the shuffle, caring for everyone else? Are you struggling to balance your time between work and family? Coaching will help you define your priorities and a manageable plan. 11515321_s

Manage Life Transitions
Change is inevitable, whether it is good or bad, it can be stressful. You may be experiencing a loss or addition to your family. You may have changed location or career or are preparing for retirement. Coaching will remind you of your successful management of such transitions and help you plan to do more of what works for you. Occasionally we have situations in our life that are beyond our control. We may not be able to change the situation, but we can change how we think about the situation.

Solution-Focused Coaching