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Frequently Asked Questions:


“What is Solution-Focused Coaching?”
Solution-Focused Coaching is a brief and highly effective way of identifying the change or desired outcome you want and creating a clearly defined and detailed plan to achieve that outcome.
“Is Solution-Focused Coaching for Me?”
Coaching is for everyone-individuals or groups.  The situation could be affecting your group, workplace, team or your personal life.  You may have struggled and tried several different approaches. You may have thought the situation was resolved, but it keeps coming back. You may feel stuck.  You know you need outside help in order to move forward.
“How Does Solution-Focused Coaching Work?” 
Solution-Focused Coaching is positive and respectful approach that builds on your previous successes and strengths and assists you to achieve your desired outcome, with as many detailed baby steps along the way as required.
“What are the Benefits of Solution-Focused Coaching, Compared to Other Methods?”
Having a BA in Psychology, I have had the opportunity to explore many other methods of working towards the change.  Solution-Focused approach is my preferred. All methods can be effective, but Solution-Focused Brief techniques, are brief, less costly and positively focused on what’s right, instead of what’s wrong. We won’t spend  precious time and energy trying to assign blame or shame; we will look forward to see what you want instead. Our focus will be on the solution, a solution that is uniquely yours as you are the expert in your group, workplace, team or life.


“What Else can I Expect to Receive From Coaching?”
You can expect confidentiality, a non judgemental listener that will ask carefully crafted questions to help you imagine how your situation could be as you want it, and create a plan to help you get there. You can expect to be respected and treated as the expert in your situation and life.  
“Where do You Start?”
The first step is to contact us to arrange a scheduled telephone appointment. 

I offer flexible appointment times and can be available for evening and weekend sessions.

During that telephone appointment we will discuss your request for service and how I could be of help to you. 

* Please note there is no charge or obligation for this initial contact.

Fees are competitive and will be set out in writing as part of our Coaching Agreement. Flexible Pricing Packages can be arranged by individual session or multiple sessions, depending on your needs.

You may also provide the gift of a coaching session to another person.

Payments can be made securely through PayPal by using your PayPal Account or Credit Card.

Solution-Focused Coaching