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Darlene Smith-Harrison : Professional Biography

Darlene has worked as a counsellor and advocate in social services for more than 20 years in not-for- profit organizations. For the last 7 years she has worked as a Coordinator of Outreach Services, managing, supporting and coaching counsellors who provide direct support to clients in multiple locations throughout the City and County of Peterborough and Haliburton County.

darlenes for bio4 Darlene was first introduced to “Solution-Focused Brief Techniques” during a training session 7 years ago and immediately became passionate about the approach. She shares the same principles and values applied through Solution-Focused Coaching – utilizing the practice driven by the expertise of individuals and or groups to

discover their own solutions; celebrate what’s right and plan for their preferred future. It has radically changed her approach with employees, colleagues, clients/consumers and life.

Darlene has her certification in Solution-Focused Coaching through the “Canadian Council of Professional Certification”, (CCPC) and from the University of Toronto, holds her “Solution-Focused Counselling Certification” and “Solution-Focused Coaching Certification”.   Darlene also has achieved her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Trent University in Psychology;  she is certified in the “Management of Complex Human Behaviour” and holds a diploma in “Ontario Management Development Program Supervisory Studies” from Fleming College.  Darlene has volunteered in many different capacities over the years on committees and as a Board Director for a not-for profit daycare centre and within the local school board.  Darlene has volunteered as a Solution-Focused Coaching Mentor during the Summer Coaching Institute (2013), through Solution Focused Canada.  Most recently, Darlene is a volunteer hockey trainer for the Peterborough Hockey Association, House League Division.

After achieving the CCPC Certification in 2013 and driven by her passion for delivering this effective technique, Darlene decided to launch Uniquely Yours Solutions Coaching & Consultation. Darlene is one of only 5 CCPC Certified Solution-Focused Coaches in Canada, with only 66 Certified Solution-Focused Coaches worldwide.
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