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Professional Coaching

• Improve Customer/Client Satisfaction • Increase Commitment and Productivity • Manage Conflict with Skill and Ease • Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships

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Personal Coaching

• Define Your Goals • Strengthen Your Relationships • Balance Work and Family Life • Manage Life Transitions

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Solution-Focused Consultation

• Implementing SF Approach • Private Confidential Consultation • SF Planning and Strategizing

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Solution Focused Coaching

A positive, respectful and highly effective approach that builds on your previous successes and strengths assisting you, your team or group to achieve your desired outcome. You have so many great ideas and goals, yet at times you feel stuck, together we can create a plan to help you succeed in reaching your goals. Work with a coach that is one of only 5 CCPC Certified Solution-Focused Coaches in Canada,  and one of only 66 Certified Solution-Focused Coaches in the worldwide, as of October 2013.

Meet Your Coach

• Darlene has her certification in Solution-Focused Coaching through the “Canadian Council of Professional Certification”, (CCPC) and from the University of Toronto she holds a “Solution-Focused Counselling Certification” and “Solution-Focused Coaching Certification”.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Solution-Focused Coaching is a brief and highly effective way of identifying the change or desired outcome you want and creating a clearly defined and detailed plan to achieve that outcome.

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Our Approach

• Implementing SF approach
Help your organization, business, group or team transition from problem focused to Solution-Focused and watch the benefits grow.

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What others are saying…“I am not comfortable speaking about myself, or my issues. Darlene, had the ability to make me feel comfortable and safe while sharing my thoughts. Darlene helped me understand my current situation, and asked thoughtful questions that lead me to a significant change.” -Al Dawson

“I have had the pleasure of Darlene coaching me professionally as well as personally. Each time was very helpful, supportive, along with it being an encouraging experience for me. I would highly recommend Uniquely Yours Solutions Coaching and Consultation.”- Anonymous

“Uniquely Yours Solutions has assisted me to find balance in both my professional and professional life; minimizing conflict, building strong relationships and achieving success – highly recommended!” Anonymous





Solution-Focused Coaching